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Jesus was particular about those he selected and told to follow Him such as the picture above illustrates. He hand picked his disciples and commissioned them to spread the gospel. All of God's Children are called upon to serve others in His kingdom. Some of His children answer this call and some do not hear it. Recognizing that Kairos in Prison Ministry may not be for every volunteer, it certainly is rewarding for those that can and do answer this call opportunity. Inside the unit volunteers repeatedly remark of how much they have been blessed by the shear opportunity of serving the Lord by extending His Love to those that are incarcerated. Having the experience of witnessing the Holy Spirit at work during a Kairos weekend is truly a special moment.

A Kairos weekend team is made up of both an inside team and an outside support team. It takes both of these teams fully staffed with passionate volunteers to make up a whole Kairos Weekend Team. A fully staffed team contains somewhere around 75 - 80 volunteers to cover all of the needed activities that are included in a weekend.

Connally Unit Community of Kairos Volunteers NEEDS YOU!! Please prayerfully consider learning more about this special ministry and contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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If you would like to talk with someone to learn more about this rewarding ministry opportunity please contact us at and we will gladly be in contact with you.

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